Domain Problems - Blog Update

Hi Folks
Sorry for some trouble caused as I m moving on to new domains. The site will be down for sometime
Sorry for the problems caused..


Update # 1
Site might be down for sometime in the mean time, but everything has been fixed as of now. And lets pray it remains in this perfect condition.

Update # 2
As you can see, i have moved on to new domains last month, I have implemented following changes in my website - 
  • Changed blog template, ( i need your feedback on this one, please :)
  • Bought 2 domains - and However the primary domain will be  , Prohack.In will merely forward to
  • Added facebook Fanpage box
  • Read more and recent posts have been revamped, the linked within was taking too much loading time.
  • New Favicon  " P# " . looks cooler than previous one.
  • Advertising charges will be revamped as well.
Thanks to Prateek Singla - my best friend and my mentor for helping me and cleaning up mess for me :)

One more big news, PROHACK's blogspot domain is now a PR4 blog now :) Never was possible without you folks..




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