Prohack updated :)

32 days and no articles..folks I was exhausted by a tight schedule of competitions,upgrades and technical fests. Whilst I was snoring off due to practicing whole night for the fests, I was flying off to multiple colleges and preparing for my college’s own technical event. I went to Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology and took part in Cellular workshop, Praudyogikii 2010 Microsoft quiz known as Pragyaan and Hacking event known as Crackle. The results were quite under whelming because of event management. I qualified for semifinals for Microsoft Pragyaan quiz and for Hacking Finals & both of events started simultaneously at 11:00 am. How a person is supposed to take part in 2 events simultaneously at 2 different locations is out of my mind. The result ?  I got a 3rd position in hacking event and 2 participation certificates for Microsoft quiz. My rotten luck..I got stuck in 4th level of Crackle event and when I got past it, It was already too late (apparently my sql injection failed on level 4).

Later I organized hacking in my college, it was a steganography-cryptography-cracking based challenge in which you have Spontania 2010 to first work yourself off with NTFS data streams, then get your tools and data from 3 images and then crack Winrar 3.93 using Codefusion and hackers Diss-assembler. The tricky part was getting the exact memory address to be patched as hackers Disassembler doesn't allows for values to be edited in runtime.Neverthless, I took part in Photoshop event, a technical quiz and Crack the code event, and I was awarded 2nd prize in Photoshop, 1st prize in Technical Quiz and 2nd prize in Crack the code event. Not bad for a good ending.

In the mean time, I upgraded my blog with a domain and have been experimenting with different platforms as well. I m thinking of moving on to wordpress but it might be a tricky move. Man…I was so busy that I was not able to celebrate the birthday of PROHACK. Belated happy birthday to my site. Meanwhile, I m back on blogging and will resume to my usual technoblogging.


Cheers and Keep Learning







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