My favorite 5 Games of all time – Part 1 – METAL GEAR SOLID

The most cinematic and epic game series I have ever played, Metal Gear Solid outshines every other game for me. Some IntegralWallmight argue with me that MGS is all about sitting on the couch, watching cutscenes and waiting for something to happen and then play minigames while dodging enemies who have quite limited (and sometimes stupid questionable) vision cones. And you are seriously wrong, an MGS purist like me enjoys it like the way it is meant to be. MGS blends some serious conspiracy theories with stealth elements and merges realistic action with believable setting. It’s an arcade stealth genre game in my opinion, and it’s the most enjoyable one. Games like Thief and Splinter cell are overtly dark and bland when compared to MGS and Kojima’s direction shines when it comes to cutscenes and ideology theories. No, I m not saying that I was able to understand MGS2’s overtly convoluted plot in one go, but when it made sense, it made for one of the most epic plots I have ever studied with such deep patience. Solid Snake is my favorite character, and my favorite game of MGS series is the original Metal gear Solid. I remember it renting out and playing it on my Playstation emulator and spending hours and hours of my 12th class playing that game (when I was supposed to cram Chemistry formulas and solve mathematical problems).

Metal Gear Solid

I still have it installed on my PC and I m still dishing and choking out soldiers and throwing chaff grenades at confused electronic devices. When it was released this was the most complete game on Playstation and pushed it to its theoretical limits. All the cutscenes happened in real time and though they did have to compromise with lip movement, the delivery is cinematic and represents the pinnacle of game direction for me. The graphics, the music, the action and the setting, everything was top notch and Konami revived the series with the touch of perfection.

Metal Gear Solid

The character development and the voice acting is something for which Metal Gear is hailed as the best ever, David Haytor and the team are the soul of MGS and without them, it would not have been a MGS. I remember the Sniper wolf death scene and still have a soft spot for her (I m dead serious) Harry Gregson Williams and Tappy Iwase composed the most theatrical score and the catchy music which celebrate the MGS the way it is meant to be. MGS is known for its gruesome and original boss fights;where else you can fight a Hind D,a psychic, a deadly sniper,a tank and a walking bipedal mobile death machine aka Metal Gear Rex ? All the boss fights require finding and exploiting a weakness and fighting your way off in the most original form.

In all, MGS represents the most complete gaming experiences for me and stands out as my one of the most favorite game of all time.


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