JSKY - Free Vulnerability Scanner

With hordes of vulnerability scanners and frameworks launching everyday (mostly commercial) Jsky makes an impressive Vulnerability :Pattempt to set itself apart by keeping it free and keeping it real by packaging everything in a small package. Don't be fooled by its small size, it packs quite a punch when compared to other professional packages considering its release  version.Good vulnerability scanner ? check ! Web backdoor and SQL Injection? Check ! Directory traversal,sensitive directory and file scan? check ! Jsky is quite promising in its features..

Jsky packs powerful web spider and multi-threaded scanner which crawls hundreds of thousands of pages with ease & allows to extract links from JavaScript and flash.It uses Pangolin as its engine and allows for advanced and in-depth SQL injection,and hence can detect these vulnerabilities exactly with no sweat unlike others which using method of Pattern Matching.Supported databases include Oracle, MSSQL, Mysql, Informix, DB2, Access, Sqlite, Sybase, PostgreSQL and even more. Jsky has a modular design which allows for everybody to code and share their custom modules. Also a XML-based vulnerability file system and an integrated a Web vulnerability executive parser means you can design a vulnerability just by editing the XML file, no need to code any program.
The best part ? ITS FREE !

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS
  • Unsecure object using
  • Local path disclosure
  • Unsecure directory permissions
  • Server vulnerabilities like buffer overflow and configure error
  • Possible sensitive directories and files scan
  • Backup files scan
  • Source code disclosure
  • Command Execute
  • File Include
  • Web backdoor
  • Sensitive information

Jsky Vulnerability Scanner


I was lying about its bbest part..The best part is that it can also be used to launch and test exploits.. A must have for any security professional :)

Download it from Here


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