Halo Custom Edition – Relentless wild fun for Free !!

Some games never lose their charm…They are supposed to be played over and over with friends and foes alike till your fingers start aching and mind gets numb,and no,I m not exaggerating. Halo:Combat Evolved was launched in 2001 by The original Halo was a great game :) Bungie and it redefined the fps genre then. When it was launched on PC, it gave new horizons on fps genre,making an already good game to an insanely good one. Its been 9 years and the killing has continued. Although not on same level as Counter strike, but still, just jump into a Halo game and you will find plenty of servers out there.Then came Halo Custom Edition..released in 2004 by Gearbox software,its a multiplayer only, standalone unsupported version of Halo on the PC. Halo CE includes several new multiplayer features and options, the most notable of which is the ability to play user-created content.The point of Halo: Custom Edition is to allow game modders and fans to create their own content such as new maps and mods which will hopefully result in a more varied game experience and extend the lifetime of Halo and it succeeds entirely. Along with the ability to mod the game Gearbox Software also fixed a number of bugs and graphical issues that can still be found in Halo: PC.


Halo Custom Edition title screen Halo Custom edition supports a lot of mods and the gameplay is a blast with friends :)

I spend my entire weekends having a blast while playing Halo CE with my friends,and trust me, its a blast you wont forget :P You can also find a portable edition with some googling around.

You can download it here

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