Disable UAC in Windows 7 easily

Post XP, User Account Control is the single most annoying thing devised by Microsoft, and ironically it steals the amount Windows 7 of control  from user inspite of giving back to it. You might want to disable it cuz it may get peskier to allow each application access to the system resources or to perform even simple actions. Here is how you can disable it easily with practically no sweat
But be warned -Disabling UAC will lead to a less secure system, but its less of a trouble to consider if you are keeping up with us :)
Disable UAC on Windows Vista
Go to Control Panel, and type in “UAC” into the search box,you’ll see a link for “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off”. Click on it.
Go to user accounts
On the next screen,just uncheck the box for “Use User Account Control (UAC)”, and then click OK button.
just turn the damned thing off
Restart your PC to see the effects,no more UAC prompts..YAY !!
Disable UAC on Windows 7
Looks like Microsoft learn with the failure of Windows Vista and made it quite easier to  to deal with UAC settings in Windows 7, and in fact you don’t have to completely disable UAC if you don’t want to. Just type UAC into the start menu or Control Panel search box.
Type UAC and reach to UAC settings
Now you can simply drag the slider up or down, depending on how often you want to be alerted.
Drag the slider
To disable it entirely, just drag it all the way down.
Voila.. you have done it :)


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