Crack iPhone passwords

Download, point and click “ yups..its that simple to crack an iPhone backup password, using a software which was Crack iPhone passwordsunveiled by Elcomsoft this Thursday.Elcomsoft is the same forensic team behind wireless password cracking and Quicken  password cracking  and many other applications. The Elcomsoft iPhone Password Breaker is a novel piece of software that uses wordlist based attacks to recover passwords for iPhones and iPod Touches by trying thousands of phrases per second. It is speculated that the final version will be able to perform dictionary based customized attacks too.

The basic logic behind the cracking lies in the use of iTunes application which allows users to make backup of iPod and iPhone that contain a wealth of potentially sensitive information, including call logs, address books, SMS archives, calendars, pictures and voice mail. Elcomsoft password Cracker cracks these backup files and doesn't requires the use of iTunes.

The software makes use of multi-core processors, extended CPU instructions and will run faster on certain types of graphics cards. It runs on the XP, Vista and 7 versions of Windows.

You can download the beta from here


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