Motherboard woes - Help me folks

Hi Folks..Sorry for a late post but I m very sorry to inform that My Motherboard (an Intel original D945GNT) has gone kaput and I m unable to post any articles any further until I get a new one.As usual I m on a hunt for a budget board (as cheap as possible,which will be able to give full bang for my buck) cuz I m low on moolah this month,I will be posting a full review on the board which I will select.
Also,You too can help me hunt for a new motherboard.

What I want is (or in formal language the specifications are :P ) -
  • Must be compatible with Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz HT pinless processor 530/630 (I have this processor now..and I m not willing to sell it :] )
  • Must support atleast Core2Duo processor (who knows I might need to upgrade :P).
  • Must contain Onboard graphics support (Nvidia/ATI preferred).
  • Must be in this range Rs /- 2700-3800 (4000 INR if exceptionally good).
You can comment or mail me at my email id -

Thanks a lot friends.

Stay gold



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