Tekken 6 – An honest review

Tekken has maintained its popularity since its advent without the need to reinvent itself.Tekken 6 – An honest reviewIts a game that speaks for itself.Well..The wait is over..Tekken 6 was released yesterday with all pomp and show and soon all the gaming press will flock on to review it.In the mean time I got my hands on a PS3 import and I decided to get my hands dirty and write an honest review about it...

Graphics - 8/10
If Tekken has one thing,its style which gives the game a distinct look and feel that forces the series to move to its roots without the need of reinventing itself.The game efficiently makes us gawk at the motion comic recaps in the story mode and  impressively rendered CGI sequences in the opening and ending movies..Tekken sports next-gen graphics engine under its hood and the game ran smoothly with no frame drops at all.

The CGI are excellent

The visuals are amazing and aesthetic,however I felt cheated when I felt that the character animations are recycled a bit which nevertheless are animated very well..The scenario campaign mode looks dated and I felt if I was duking out Godhand with a bit of updated graphics. Also some background sported stupid background scrolling which made me think if the stage was really moving..Overall its a huge upgrade of Tekken 5 on graphics front but there are some things which need to be reconsidered.Perhaps an expansion might sort it out.

Sound – 9/10

The music in Tekken 6 sets the overall mood for the fighting.The middle eastern,western,jazz and electronic;all are mingled very well to produce an awesome aural experience. the opening track and the CGI music is very well done.There is a certain series staple ‘thump’ sound associated with the hits which gives hitting someone in face an experience worthwhile.The tunes are catchy and I was forced to stop the match and to listen to the background music at times.Over all its well done.

Design - 8.5/10

Tekken 6 sets fan expectations quite high with the long development time and all the hype its associated with.The sequel boasts 40 characters to choose from and the ability to play online,the series has done its bit to remain competitive.In the standard offline mode,the game offers staple Practice Mode,the Story Mode in which you will battle and overtly powerful final boss Azazel,the ghost mashups that lets you battle AI opponents which simulate real world characters quite well and provide you a decent competition,the Time Attack and the Survival which will test your efficiency and record your personal best.With a second human player on side (as it happened with me) you can get into some serious vs battles.

Tekken 6 Character select

The Online play at the time of launch was quite poor with serious lag affecting the gameplay,as the strict timing needed for competitive gameplay is severely compromised and in some cases lag makes the game completely unplayable.The online mode also lets you download ghost data for your personal use and for your ranked and unranked matches.

Tekken 6

The game includes a scenario campaign mode that's an entirely a different game altogether,like the Tekken Force mode in the original Tekken 3 but the incompetent camera and the bad implementation of moveset in the campaign can make your experience sour.

Gameplay – 9/10

Tekken embraces both the newcomers and the series veterans with open arms and you will have plenty of fun all together as long as you will be matching up against opponents of your level.The 4 button fighting scheme may seem deceptively intuitive to the players,but it needs skill and the right timing to keep the attacks flowing and be in the groove.Mixing up the throws,the high and low attacks,sidestepping all gives you a tactical advantage against the opponent,but simply mashing up buttons and hoping for the best is fun too. The game heavily emphasizes combos for massive damage and puts emphasis on bounding moves,which means to slam opponents on the ground and then attack using appropriate moves at specific time to keep the low juggle going on.

Tekken 6 juggle

The matches move on too quickly and the game features a rage system which means the game gives player a last boost of attack power when his health is low to change the face of match.The game has a 3d fighting experience of its own and overall its just another Tekken at heart.


Last word

Like MGS4,Tekken 6 is a love it or hate it type of game.When you will fire it up,you will probably already know how it

Tekken 6

will strike you and the series has already maintained a good following for good reasons.In the end,even if the extras provided are not worth in gold,they still add a good value to the overall package.Tekken 6 is just Tekken 6 nothing more,nothing less.

Final Score – 34.5/40





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