Russia Blamed with Cyberattack on Poland

Leaked details by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita indicate a large but unsuccessful attack on Polish Government systems which originated in Russia last month.The details indicate that the attack coincided with the 70th anniversaryCyber Crime news of the outbreak of World War Two and was coordinated at the same time when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Poland.

The attack might have been referenced to the anniversary of infamous invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on September 1939 under the secret terms of the Molotov–Ribbentrop non-aggression pact,however its still unclear as actual reason have not surfaced..yet.

Russia has been in news as the disputes between Russia and its neighbors have made their way over the Internet in recent years. and For example, Russian Hackers have been quite nefarious over cyberattacks at Georgia last year and security researchers subsequently blamed the attacks on civilians and Russian cyber-crime gangs.

The Internet infrastructure of Estonia was ripped apart in April 2007, following a dispute over the relocation of Soviet-era war memorials and graves.


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