Diwali Celebrations and Home coming

Happy DiwaliFriends..The festival of light is knocking as usual and its time for some grand celebrations at home.I will be leaving today for Ambala, leaving my room and my beloved mean machine and all of techs to have some peace and to light some crackers :P . Diwali holds some of the most special moments for me in my life,and symbolises the victory of Good over Evil as in mythology,and some old grand reunions of friends at our favorite hangouts.Its been some time when since I have had a vacation..I will be getting back into old streets of Ambala,decorate my home till it shines the most (literally),light diya’s, feast on sweets and play pranks on my friends..
May this Diwali bring endless pleasure,happiness and peace to all of you and may it rejuvenate all of us to live life like it is meant to be.
A very Happy Diwali once again.
I will be back on Monday and will resume to my daily caricature of technology.

PROHACK wishes you a very Happy Diwali  !!!
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do..

Rishabh Dangwal



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