Rabid Neurosis Takedown – Pirates Busted

Seems like the decade is proving hard for the black hats,pirates and phishers are busted down by the eminent feds for some serious jailtime. The spree continues when Rapid Neurosis,better known as RNS in the late 90’s/early 2000s RNS is no more... - rdhacker.blogspot.com scene was stung by the whip of law.Six men have been accused of running one of the world’s most prolific music piracy ring, an online crew federal prosecutors allege delivered more than 25,000 copyrighted albums, often before they were officially released.RNS was quite popular in the scene with the group releasing more than 25000 music albums on P2P. RNS occasionally used the tagline "Rabid Neurosis - Spread The Epidemic.".RNS was sometimes believed to have started the mp3 scene. After their group was mentioned in an MTV News article about the early leak of the Eminem album Encore, RNS stopped including their initials in filenames and ID3 tags.They stopped around 2007 though, I guess that’s when Bit Torrent and p2p was really taking off.
With the demise of popular clans (remember aXXo ? anyone?) I am beginning to wonder if the scene is being ripped out of itself.
25,000 albums is a serious number and I bet they will be fined ridiculously.
The next bet for the aftermath - 6 more people filling for bankruptcy.
They had an impressive network of contacts with people from retail outlets, cd printing factories and radio stations. All the people who get tracks and whole albums before they hit the streets.
Are the days of h4x0r5 over ?

Update - Houston Jury Finds Member of World's Largest Alleged Internet Music Piracy Group Not Guilty
You can read more @ http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/houston-jury-finds-member-of,1214284.shtml



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