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Internet Browsing has changed a great deal in the past 15-20 years,I remember getting my hands on Internet Explorer 4.0 in late 90’s when I was a small kid (I was a not-so-stupid kid :P) .I was in retro mood last week,and being a LYNX - Surfing Internet the Old School way - dedicated netizen,I spent hours and hours on reading wikis and researching about the web browsers. Being curious, I later installed Windows 95 to get an authentic look and feel of web browsing in retro way and got my hands on Internet Explorer 1.0 and Netscape Navigator. It was fun..but I got bored soon :P

Sill later while I was surfing on Backtrack 3 through Mozilla Firefox, I became quite curious about the text based browsers,and voila,I got my hands on Lynx – the great grand father of all the web browsers available today. The brainchild of the folks at University of Kansas,Lynx became publicly available in 1993, around the same time browsers such as Mosiac and Cello were released.

The most popular browsers today include Firefox 3, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome,Internet Explorer (?) but Lynx has retained a solid share.Google tests and certifies its webs pages and results LYNX compatible and experienced SEO guru’s will tell you to test your website on Lynx for checking its visibility and usability online.Basically, if you want to make sure your high tech website can be fully crawled by very basic search engine bots and crawlers, Lynx does an excellent job. Website designers often fire up a Lynx browser to make sure that people who surf the web with images turned off can still navigate their sites.

here is PROHACK running on lynx -

Yep..Thats PROHACK on Lynx :) pretty cool huh ?

However..Because lynx does not support graphics, web bugs that track user information are not sent, and emails can be read without the invasion of privacy of HTML enabled web browsers. So that means lynx offers better security if you run it under a good environment ( and if you are nerd enough to use it :P ).

Lynx does support HTTP cookies, which can be used to track user information. But like most browsers, cookie support can be disabled.

The best part..Yep..You guessed it right - Lynx is free under GNU GPL. What else a geek want..

You can get retro too and Download Lynx from here -

Download Lynx


K33p L34rning



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