Hack website using BlackWidow

Every budding Internet hacker or a user wants to hack a website,but is unsure on how to do that.In my last post,I Hack website using BlackWidow discussed about Google Hacks which can be used to search for vulnerable sites and content from Google,however if you want to scan a website for its loopholes,you will need a good website ripper or a mapping tool. BlackWidow fills the missing link here.BlackWidow is a website scanner,a site ripper and mapping tool which is primarily used to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site’s structure, files, external links and even link errors.Upon scanning BlackWidow will download all file types such as pictures and images, audio and MP3 and literally any type of files from any websites.And If you are good (:P) then you can write your own "Plugins" for impossible to scan sites.

Primary features of black widow are -

  • It can even scan and retrieve hidden emails

Get hidden emails from the sites

  • Can reproduce the whole website directory structure.

BlackWidow can scan and reproduce the directory structure of a website easily

  • BlackWidow can scan a site without downloading it to your hard drive

It can scan a site without downloading it to your hard drive

  • Monitors web activity and keeps an eye on every program which access internet.

BlackWidow actively monitors who or what access the net

  • BlackWidow can be customized in any which way you like by using Plugins which can be written with little or very less programming experience.

BlackWidow has lots of plugins:)

That said,I was easily able to download the directory structure of my college’s website and scan it using Acunetix Vulnerability scanner for some loopholes and exploits.And it was easy as hell !! Overall,its a must have tool for security experts and noobs alike.

You can download it from the link below,its a trial version.

Download Black Widow


[PS:You know how to get full versions..aint it? and if not,email me,I will give you the link..afterall,Knowledge is unbounded and free]


Cheers and Keep Learning




  1. Can I use this tool to bypass the index.htm and read the directory listing as if there isn't a index.htm?

  2. Hi, can I get the full version of this please? my email is tbmr@iup.edu

  3. by the way I have ubuntu linux :)  


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