Hack Google with Google Hacks

I earlier blogged about some cool google dorks to search around,but it required precision and a bit of memorising capability (which I suppose we all are lacking nowdays :P). Here comes the rescue tool for the lazy - Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search Hack Google queries using Google Hacks and map services. You can use it to view a timeline of your search results, view a map, search for music, search for books, and perform many other specific kinds of searches. You can also use this program to use Google as a proxy.As the website itself says,Google Hacks is A compact utility for several google hacks. Although its not good as the Gooscan-a far superior tool to scan for vulnerabilities in web,its well worth a try.
Google Hacks in Action
The Automated search results
Google Hacks is well worth a shot,however I will be posting about better tools.You can download Google Hacks from the link given below
Download Google Hacks

Cheers and  Keep learning



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