Going postal with Halo

Hi friends..recently I was hooked to my pet game Halo again.It all started with me downloading the Halo Custom Edition Going postal with Halo !!setup and firing it up at college server.Once I was online, I by luck got into an Indian server hosted by Team HALO IC,all rocket pros.Whilst I was blasted there (and blasting others in the mean time),I was invited by those guys to join their  clan. “It would be fun” my cousin stated when I told him about it and aloha,I was into HALO IC.   
HALO IC is an Indian clan consisting of 17 members (as of now),all well connected through Xfire – a gamers instant messaging client.Now I m one of them and It feels good. I found all of those extremely coordinated and determined gamers,and thats why,Halo IC is one of the leading Halo clans.
The Halo-IC team consists of -
  1. I.Ç-ICAssasin
  2. I.Ç-SunnyD
  4. I.Ç-λмяіт
  5. I.Ç-Çнiитu
  6. I.Ç-AbhinavD
  7. I.Ç-DON Halo - I.Ç Rokz!!!
  8. I.Ç-FÁMØÙ§
  9. I.Ç-Mecyanide
  10. I.Ç-Captain_Dan
  11. I.Ç -»§¥kÆ«
  12. preet27in
  13. uaint
  14. swapnil71
  15. REVERB
  16. I.Ç-╞▓◊§ħöǾŧəя►
and me as I.Ç-RishabhD or RDX .
Overall,I had a blast playing Halo with professionals,and wish we will make to the best of clans.
May the tribe Increase...



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