Top 10 Software I cant live without

Hi folks,sorry for a delayed post,cuz I was really thinking about the best piece of codes which sustain me in my cyber world.These tools are a part and parcel of my computer life and  I cant live without these tools.These include a wide array of tools from all walks of cyber life – from CD/DVD mastering to image manipulation,these are the best bunch to keep your PC experience healthy.
So,here is the list of must haves -
Adobe photoshop CS3Adobe photoshop CS3 – Adobe photoshop has been the pinnacle of every photo editing software out there and My  favorite version Creative Suit 3 provides me the best functionality,intuitive design interface and loads of effects to make a masterpiece each time I open it..I love you Photoshop :)
Nero 8 - must have for regular and advanced users alikeNero 8 – the CD/DVD burning suite charms the end-user with loads of functionality it has to offer,with an inbuilt video editing,audio editing,disc mastering and more applications bundled into one integrated solution makes it a must have for any regular and advanced users alike.
learn how to use unlocker and Download itUnlocker –  Keep your PC in your control with Unlocker.Its a great tool to delete undeletable files that wreak havoc on your PC by running every time and using up resources.Unlocker helps me to nuke them out and to make’em pay! You can read more about how to delete an undeletable file using Unlocker here.
The best web browser on the face of earth Mozilla Firefox – The best web browser on the face of earth,Firefox keeps on getting better and better.Blazing speeds,extensions and great community makes it an indispensible tool for my browsing experience.
An all in one of solution for your PC needs - Tuneup Utilities 2009 Tuneup Utilities 2009 – An all in one solution for my PC maintenance and customization ,tune up utilites helps me keep my desktop in good shape.The app provides users with a powerful, well-designed utility that  accesses the entire Windows maintenance tool set and more in a fast, organized, and easy-to-use series of connected modules.
Light weight PDF heavyweight - Foxit reader Foxit Reader – Foxit reader is a light weight pdf reader that loads and opens PDF files quickly,and its a formidable competitor to the Adobe Reader. Foxit is small sized,has great interface and the best part is that its free.However you have to pay for Pro version which includes PDF creation and editing.
 Klite Mega Codec Pack + Window Media Player 11 combo - great combination for media playback Klite Mega Codec Pack + Window Media Player 11 combo – The klite mega Codec pack,Window media player combo plays any media file on the face of earth. Okay. I m lying, it doesn't plays the VOB file from an actual DVD but still,it plays every other format I threw at it,keeping in mind what an average home user plays.
Imtoo Mpeg Encoder - must have for media frenzy Imtoo MPEG Encoder – Imtoo Mpeg encoder is a great conversion tool which helps me play divx movie on my KG195 mobile phone in all glory. Also it supports a wide number of formats to keep geeks busy for days and novices are provided with an easy wizard for easy conversion into PSP,PS3,XBOX formats and high definition movies. Its a great tool for the media frenzy.
2000338969573766730_rs Alcohol 120% – Alcohol 120% is a disc image manipulation tool,which allows to create images of CD/DVD media and emulate them using a virtual drive. Its fast,secure and reliable and the best part is that it can even make images of Playstation CD/DVDs.
Nod32 Antivirus – Nod32 Antivirus is one of the best available today.It uses about 30 Mb of memory but NOD32 antivirus - cheap best and secure knight in white armourhas great scan time and uses very less CPU resources. The updates are frequent,small and keep your system in safe hands. For me,its the best available,considering I have used almost every brand available (except Avira,its the worst) and found it to be the cheap and best.
I hope you will comment constructively on my views.



  1. Is there any trick or software for running TURBO C in VISTA in full screen mode.
    I used DOSBOX for this but there are some problems in DOSBOX like it crashes very frequently and without warning.Sometimes it gives wrong errors during compilation.If we start again the DOSBOX, the errors are not shown in the same saved program etc are many problems.

  2. hi rishabh bhai
    nice collection but nod ka anti virus mujhe kuch achcha nahi laga top k anti virus kaha rahe aur ye kaha..i like quick heal atleat it repairs files....
    Wht u say....nd yes tune Up ka advance version bohot slow he...

    Keep it up
    Nikhil D Prince


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