Need For Speed Rebirth – The Chase goes Threesome

With the NFS Undercover failing on the expectations of  fans and EA alike, the Publisher is trifurcating its street-racing EA trifurcates NFS - rdhacker.blogspot.comfranchise into trio of 3 new properties: the MMOG NFS World Online, the Nintendo-only NFS: Nitro, and NFS: Shift for the PS3, XBOX 360, PSP, and PC. 

With the EA BLACKBOX going down,gamers have been pondering upon the fate of the Electronic Arts' signature series. Today, EA announced that one of the partially shuttered Canadian operation's franchises, Need for Speed, will continue to be developed. With NFS facing stiff competition from Forza motorsport,Take-Two's Midnight Club, and EA's own Burnout series, the publisher has taken a drastic step from its own winning formula. Here is an overview of the announced titles…


The first, Need for Speed: Shift, is a hardcore racing simulation in the works for the PC, PSP, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Developed by a hybrid team of internal and external developers in the UK, including Black Box producers and Slightly Mad Studios. NFS SHIFT - rdhacker.blogspot.comShift promises to join the ranks of the world's top simulation racing games with authentic cars and tracks, but it definitely offers its own signature look and feel. Shift promises to offer the true driver's experience,by racers,for racers..


The second NFS franchise to rise from Black Box's ashes is Need for Speed Nitro (working title), an arcade racer being crafted by the Boogie-makers at EA Montreal. Set for release exclusively on Nintendo's Wii and DS, the game will sport a "unique visual style" and, like Need for Speed Shift, will sport many real-world automotive licenses. Also like Shift, it will ship in North American this fall.NFS NITRO - Nitro is a game that stands up to the tenets of the Need for Speed brand and offers gameplay depth and a variety of modes.It will feel very Need for Speed, but in a more mischievous, Nintendo way..


Finally, six years after EA shut down its first car-based massively multiplayer game, Motor City Online, the publisher is backing the auto MMOG genre out of the garage again. Jointly developed by Black Box and EA Shanghai, Need for Speed World Online is a PC-only, free-to-play game set to launch in Asia this coming summer.NFS WORLD ONLINE - Need for Speed World Online is more about exploration into the free-to-play model that is growing at a fast pace, rather than a straight-up MMO persistent world such as Motor City Online. A North American release is scheduled for "winter 2009", which could potentially mean an early 2010 release.

Well all hope,that these series will be restoring NFS series to its former glory,lets keep our fingers crossed..




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