TwistedPixel – The Cool Visualization plugin

Are you one of those guys who like to have cool visualization depicting your musical flairs ? Winamp,Windows media Player,media monkey...whatever the player be,they today are equipped with visualizations .However if you are bored with the default visualizations,then you can try the TwistedPixel visualization plugin.Twisted pixel supports major media players today and has some of the coolest effects you have ever seen. It is highly customizable,programmable and light on resources. In short,Its a must have for any music lover !!!

Twisted pixel packs some of the best visual effects


  • TwistedPixel requires MCE, WMP, MediaMonkey or WinAMP to play.
  • A 3D compatible Video Card.
  • DirectX 8.x or greater can be downloaded from Microsoft.
  • The visualization has been tested on Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000 and Windows XP -- to the best of my knowledge there has been no testing on a Windows 98 or Me; with the appropriate hardware and DirectX drivers there should be no issue with these operating systems.

Download TwistedPixel

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