Blog Changes

Hi friends.

As you will be noticing fro a couple of days,I have made a lot of changes to the blog,for good or worse,they are done to Know technology Better with PROHACK - www.rdhacker.blogspot.commaximize your surfing and learning experience.The changes made are applied over a diverse area which include to the look of blog, the loading time, ads and widgets and even random code.

I would be seeking your comments and views on these changes to be made permanent,so please let me know your views about them.

Changes made are -

  1. Changing of feed burner account to google,so feed redirection will take place. For a couple of days my feed stats will be displayed low due to this but don't panic,you will be getting Your stuff delivered in Your mailboxes..and It will be resolved in a few days – feed burner staff responded.
  2. Added the Blog tag cloud blogumus to my blog,based on WP cumulus plugin by Roy Tanck,It replaced categories on left hand side of Sidebar.
  3. Removed those pesky Adbrite ads  [ :) ]  , less ads,You happy,Me happy..
  4. Cleared up blog code and Speed up blog loading,loads in 22 seconds in my connection as compared to 56.76 seconds earlier.Also optimized images for quick loading.
  5. Added a translator for our global visitors.
  6. Added a “Back to Top” feature in blog,by clicking on bottom right blue image You can get back to top.
  7. Added a Stript bar below the page for instant subscribing,It can be closed by clicking on the close button on it.
  8. Shifted the Blog directories form the sidebar to the bottom of blog.
  9. Removed the “Download any video” widget from the sidebar, I don't think if anybody really used it.

Feel free to express Your views and comment on the changes to give me constructive criticism.I really need it now .

Cheers and keep Learning.






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