The King Of Fighters 12

"The Ultimate 2D fighting Game "   The King Of Fighters 12
The King of Fighters XII (KOF XII) is to be the next instalment of The King of Fighters series.The King of Fighters XII is the first KoF game in almost a decade to feature a complete visual overhaul, confirmed by Nona, artist in charge of the art in the The King of Fighters XI endings. All the sprites used in previous games for over 10 years will be dropped and will be replaced with new high definition sprites.Everything,from the sprites to the effects,just everything is completely hand drawn.The effects for special moves,the movement of sprites,the character details have also been redrawn from scratch, and they animate extremely smoothly, complementing the character graphics.However KOFXII doesn't have as many characters as previous entries, perhaps because the artists simply can't draw enough in their given development time. The game will feature a total of 20 characters by default, which is actually four characters fewer than even the original KOF '94.

The programmers have stated their intention is to create the "ultimate 2D fighting game".The game is currently due to be released in the second quarter of 2009 for PS3,XBOX 360 and Arcade (Taito type X2 system).

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I hope it will face stiff competition with the Street Fighter franchise which too is taking a rebirth under Street Fighter 4  and the acclaimed Tekken 6 . Lets wait and watch :) , in the end,the winners are us,the gamers.

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