Freespire Linux – How to Download and Install ?

Freespire is a community-driven Linux distribution which is composed mostly of free/open source software, while providing users the choice of including proprietary software including multimedia codecs , device drivers and application software as they see fit. Freespire is originally derived from Linspire. Freespire consists of intuitive windows style design themes and interface to make user comfortable to its operations.

Its perfect Linux for those who don't know much about Linux but still want to use it.

User Manual


  • After burning iso to DVD
  • Place Freespire in your computer's ROM drive
  • Restart the computer
  • Boot from DVD
  • Hit Enter when INSTALL Freespire on this computer's hard drive is highlighted


  • Click Next at the welcome page
  • Select your keyboard layout and click Next
  • There will be two options:
    • If you wish to Take over an entire hard disk select that option and click Next. If you don't have more then one hard drive skip to step 8.
    • If you wish to perform an Advanced install select that option, click Next, and continue to next step .


  • Select a pre-made partition that you wish to use for Freespire. Determine if Freespire should write the MBR then click Next


  • Fill out the form and click Next


  • Verify the setup and click Finish


  • Click Yes I'm Sure


Congratulations you are now installing Freespire! When the installation has completed click Ok, remove the CD, and hit Enter.


Download Freespire




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  1. when I try to run freespire from cd it starts the install then says access tty; job control turned off how do I fix this problem thanks F Paxton


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