Sending Mail with Telnet

Sending Mail with Telnet - send anonymous mail part 2

1) Open up MS-DOS/Command Prompt, by going to Run and typing cmd.

2) You should see a black window box. type in "nslookup".

3) At the very end of the message, there will be a ">". Type in "set type=mx"

4) Now another ">" will come up. Type in the name of the mail domain
of your victim. (,,, etc.)

5) you should come up with a list of nameservers, MX servers, and
internet addresses. What we are interested in are the MX preferences.
Take note of the one with the highest MX preference. Now, type "exit".

6)Once you quit, type in this format: telnet [mail server] 25, where
telnet is the command, the mail server is the one with the highest MX
preference, and 25 is the port number.

Ex) telnet 25, where is a mail server for

7) If all is well, you should get a 220, meaning a greeting on a
connection. To make sure you are connected, type in "ehlo" or "helo".
If you get a 250 on either one, you're set.

8) now, type in "mail from:" and the email you will send "from".

Ex) mail from:

9) You should get a 250. Type in rcpt to: and the victim's email.

Ex) rcpt to:

10) Once you get a 250, you should now start the data. Type in data, and press enter. You should get a 354

11) First off, you have to start with the headers. Type "To: [Victim's
email nickname] [victims email]", without quotes. Press enter. Type
"From: [your fake name] [your spoofed email address]", without the
quotes. Press enter. Type in "Reply- To: [your spoofed email address]"
without quotes. This is the most basic type.

12) To start writing your message, press enter twice to skip a line.
Type whatever message you want, and BECAREFUL NOT TO SCREW UP. Your
message will screw up if you backspace.

13) To show that your message has ended, press enter, type "." (without
quotes) and press enter again. You should get a 250. Close your
connection by typing "quit" without quotes, and pressing enter.

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