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A bit about technogeek
Rishabh Dangwal is a 20 year old freelance security consultant and a technogeek cum blogger. His hobbies include fiddling with every piece of technology he can get his hands on,videogame programming and organizing LAN parties whenever he gets time. In early 2007 he started his online ventures and in Feb 2008 he started his technology blog - PROHACK which covers the latest in computer security,technology,hacks,gaming and his other musings.

As far as studies are concerned (duh..) Rishabh is currently pursuing in Computer Science in his 3rd year (at the time of writing) at PTU. You can visit his Linked in profile or can just send a hi at Facebook
Feel free to contact him for clearing your doubts,link exchange and advertising or just to say Hi :) ..
Your mail will be answered asap if he is not on a vacation..or stuff :P
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  1. i got a problem . i forgot my router login password , is it got anyway to trackback to my login name or password without reset the setting ... because i got a lot of thing inside...

    Pls PM to me :

  2. did your cise from prtampura right

  3. hi i want to join ur workshop plz tell me the venue for that. i m frm SVIET.

  4. Hi ryshab I attented ur session with parul. i am frm jalandhar . can u tell me best languages to create applications to moe from script kiddie to a hacker. and from where i can learn them professionaly.

  5. Had read ur cracking tutorial on winrar and tried to do myself with another prog. but now i see the technique u gave is old and out . the prog i used had no dialog references. if want to try to see that prog for removing time limit, then i can send u the cd for the same.
    I want this prog for educational purpose, if u can remove the 15 days limitation then contact me at

    Axay Sharma


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