Happy New Year 2013 – Best Wishes from Prohack

2012 was a formidable year : ] I was busy, in fact I have never been busier in my life and I find myself guilty of going into hibernation multiple times even when I didn’t wanted to. I promise 2013 will be the year of change , and I would dedicate myself over some newer interests and projects, this time, open source ones. I had enough of closed source pentest and scouting, nevertheless, It was an year where I -

  • Completed multiple <unmentionable> targets at corp level. [4]
  • Ran IOU on my laptop and simulated complete corporate cloud over it.
  • Learnt and explored more about networks.
  • Brokeup with my girlfriend : P
  • and at last , resigned from Tulip Telecom to join Orange Business Services, a subsidiary of France Telecom. In fact I will be joining in early Jan 2013.

I hope Orange will be my home away from home and will open symbiotic and never before possible opportunities for me, and I am quite excited about it. I hope I will be able to take more time for my projects and share with you some exciting findings. When i look back at 2012, it was an year that taught me a lot of things, it was full of surprises and I hope 2013 will be an awesome year for all of us.

See you next mission and Stay Awesome .


Happy New Year 2013


Rishabh Dangwal

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EIGRP Cheatsheet – EIGRP in 15 min

Long time folks, was busy with a lot of projects. Hope coming year gets less busier and I get to get my hands more dirty on networks and network security. In the meantime, here is an EIGRP cheat sheet which I thought will be helpful to folks who just want a quick theory review of Cisco’s EIGRP. Though I wanted to cover a lot more in cheat sheet like EIGRP technologies, planning but it would have defeated the purpose of cheatsheet. Never mind, I am preparing a more comprehensive EIGRP guide which I might publish soon depending on the feedback received. In the meantime, You can find the cheatsheet at Slideshare and Scribd.


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