REScure Cyber Threat Intelligence Feed

We are now generating a daily blacklist of malicious IPs via our own threat intel solution. The feed will be generated every 6 hours and is now available at
The below snapshot is the end result of the penultimate stage of co-relation of millions of data points that are finally grouped into attack groups before they are published at
Cyber Threat Intelligence co-relation
Co-Relation snapshot at REScure Feed
You are encouraged to try it and consume it into your security solutions. Since this is in beta, we are limiting it to only IPs.
REScure Cyber Threat Intelligence Feed
Yep, REScure may look like this to your SIEM
We are alpha testing API access, detailed Indicators of Compromise access, STIX/TAXII/OpenIOC exports, realtime refresh rates and a lot more. This is an independent project we undertook to enhance our understanding of underlying architecture of distributed systems, the nature of threat intelligence and how to efficiently collect/store/consume/distribute it.

The project is being jointly developed with Sreyash and Eshan.

Your feedback is appreciated, please share it at


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