Wardriving at Delhi–Wardriving revisited

The last time I wardrived at Delhi was over 2 years ago, I was at Tulip Telecom then and was doing something of a personal project then. Well, now I am at Orange and thought of replicating the feat, this time I will be publishing the details of networks I wardrived while going to Gurgaon from Delhi. It was done using  combination of G-Mon,Kismet, Moocherhunter  and you just might find it useful. I intent to make a map of Delhi with all the access points , which does sounds incredulous & far fetched, but yep, I intend to do it and I am doing it bit by bit. It helps to analyse in layman terms -
  1. The security awareness of people and organizations
  2. The devices they are using
  3. The security mechanisms they are using.
  4. Wifi range analysis of individual device.
Wardriving at Delhi–Wardriving revisited - theprohack.com , image credits Textually
Well, in all you can find the data from below links -
  1. Hotspot details / BSSID (See if you are on the list) =))
  2. Google Maps KML Data (See it in Google Maps)
If you are interested in contributing to the data, please contact me at admin<at>theprohack.com

Happy Wardriving
- Rishabh Dangwal


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