Hacking Dominos Coupon Generator – Free Dominos Pizza Coupons & Discounts

After multiple failed attempts to place an order of pizza and getting tired of taking follow-ups from folks at Axis Bank and Bill Desk (the gateway that  takes care of Dominos's online pizza orders) , I was frustrated a lot. Then , I came across Domino's Slot machine coupon generator. An innocent looking random coupon generator that is purely JS based and is easily hackable. NOW I AM NOT SAYING I HACKED IT AND ORDERED FREE PIZZA's , the payment gateway sucks soo much that I didn't ordered anything. But yes, I do have something to share with you.

Fire up your Google Chrome (that's enough) and open


You will see the Coupon Generator, fill in the captcha and play it, in normal circumstances , chances are -

  • You will win a coupon , if you are feeling lucky, you can try once more and then if you win again, you will have to deal with the final discount coupon you get.
  • You will get a "Try Again", you can try till the case 1 is fulfilled.

Go to Dominos Coupon Generator

Lets turn the tables ,fire up developer console by pressing F12 .

Fireup Developer Console - the prohack.com

navigate to scripts – > slot.jsGo to Slots.js - theprohack.com

Open slots and navigate to this code

change values - theprohack.com

and change the attempts value to anything you wish

change values - theprohack.com


Now navigate to this code

change values - theprohack.com

and change the value to 1

change values - theprohack.com

Now time to change duration values

$('#slot'+(slots+1)).animate( { backgroundPosition:"(0px "+bgPos+"px)"}, { duration: (10000+(slots*500)), complete: function(){
limit++; //console.log(limit);
if(limit == 4){


Change the subjected function to

$('#slot'+(slots+1)).animate( { backgroundPosition:"(0px "+bgPos+"px)"}, { duration: (1+(slots*1)), complete: function(){
limit++; //console.log(limit);
if(limit == 4){

once done , slot timers and duration will be ultra quick.

Press Ctrl + S and click on Start / Try Again and see the results : ) Cool huh ? 

Now tinker with some innocent looking functions for your experiment : ] and enjoy.

Check this For loop and especially check for #slot values and value of i , also, some crazy things can be done by changing the pixel values

if(buttonState == 'Try Again' || buttonState == 'Please wait...'){
               var i=1;
               $('#slot'+i).css('background-position','0px 0px');

Or Look for this function

$.post('process-slot.php',{ session_id : session_id},function(json){               
                var slot_result = slot_result_desc = ''; var limit = slots = 1;


Now again, I wont be divulging much here : P , you can modify completely the way the slot generator works and generate according to your whims : ] Work your way out.

Jackpot - theprohack.com - hacking Dominos Coupon Generator


PS : I did went into the site looking for coupons by being a Dominicon but the coupons there are just pathetic and almost same for all the traits like lazycon/freebicon etc.

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  1. Unique one my friend. 

  2. anybdy,,,,, found it working???

  3. I am not able to edit scripts in chrome. Can you please tell me how to do it?

  4. kindly explain how to save the javascript after changing and how to apply the changes effectively. Ctrl+S not working or maybe i dont understand it properly.

    Thanks in Advance

  5. hey can u help me i don't know js really, but wanna have a jackpot what should i change?

  6. Yeah, You can edit to play it for fun ! But you can't get the slot to generate a jackpot.

  7. It is not working....dude.::))

  8. Won't really help because the result is generated by process-slot.php
    Our slot.js is only trying to fetch the values and prepare the UI. So this can just manipulate UI, not actual results.
    But of course, we can modify slot.js and keep doing brute force on it till we win :P

  9. Awesome!! I found it too. :-) I love the chrome's javascript console.

  10. how to edit duration values

  11. how to edit duration values


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