Why Android rocks and why I like android ...

Buying an Android was one of the most amazing decisions I ever made, buying and HTC android (a333, 2.2.1 modded to 2.3.4) was even better,with fantastic support by the community and the HTC hacking commmunity at the pinnacle of eveything else (though I tend to remember the original nokia/symbian hackers who dct flashed-patched-disassembled their devices to connect their patchcodes to overwrite and override the flash protection and enter into debug modes of even the most trivial handsets...always makes me nostalagic.Infinity box anyone ?)

Well..onto my android, how life has changed since I moved over it -

  • Always connected to social networking services and Email.
  • Phone call logs/SMS dumped into my gmail account for quick reference.
  • gesture based replys to anyone (for eg and inverted "U" will input "goodnight tc :) " to those late night sms and conversations which you want to end since the next morning you have to catch up for office..sigh..)
  • Calender sync in realtime , call logs sync to calender and make an entry for subsequent calls , duration and name (if available) with autorecord and dumping recording to gmail if necessary. No more life threatning calls.
  • Exploring the endless possiblities of application porting over the inherent Linux kernel.
  • Old school games using emulators. I can now play Contra:hardcorps all the time any where ..or even can listen to chiptunes of castlevania/super c. Although i am looking forward to Mame emulation (tiger arcade works super slow..) over android but CPU is a bottleneck as of now. Need to get a new android soon :|
  • Wifu and wardriving while i am on bus..here is a sample packet capture -
BSSID;LAT;LON;SSID;Crypt;Beacon Interval;Connection Mode;Channel;RXL;Date;Time
00:0F:61:F2:D1:40;28.56866;77.21955;OZone WiFi;Open;-97;Infra;1;-95;2011/03/17;18:54:16
00:0F:61:F2:D1:4F;28.56866;77.21955;Aircel_OZone WiFi;Open;-95;Infra;1;-93;2011/03/17;18:54:16
00:14:78:EB:20:E4;28.56936;77.20624;Plutos Network;Wep;-86;Infra;6;-85;2011/03/17;18:58:05
00:18:EB:01:4D:02;28.55103;77.24771;ICON EROS;Open;-94;Infra;1;-91;2011/03/17;18:40:44

  • tcpdump/shark/nmap..need i say more ? (PS: you can always install shark over your GF's phone :P)
  • Samba server :)
  • Penetration testing using the nessus client and reading reports over it when I am on bus.
  • Connected to like minded geeks ( who like to be pesked for technicalities ) even when I am on DTC and getting bored by the ongoing travels (i am looking at you : prateek singla, rahul sasi, prashant uniyal, chin tu/faku chand,raghu sharma and those who know I cant mention their names here :P )
  • Taking remote control of remote computers and network devices using vnc/rfb (wrote bit.che for my college project, interested may see a demo at my college). Hell , if all else fails, you can always move with android vnc and team viewer.
  • ssh to a machine having metasploit.
  • 24x7 connectivity using openvpn...or vidalia..lemme summarise it in one image
  • Overclocking :) although its a matter of only installing setcpu, but then, who doesnt likes the power it brings to slower devices.
  • ninjamorph
  • and much much much more (including 2 way authentication using timed key generation)

I am androidified .. Are you ?


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  2. hey bro can you tell how is version 2.1 ??
    Can i add WIFI hack Softawre in Micromax S60 ?

  3. but how can we do all dese???

  4. piece of cake :) search in my blog or check out the facebook page, there i write time to time how to do it


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