Dear System, Fuck You ! | Angry Hacker Rant version 1.1

Sometimes I regret that why I didn't studied in class 12. But then, I never wanted to waste my time studying good for nothing subjects which played no role in the career I chose to opt. I chose to be different and I took the beating. Period. Even today, the good for nothing competition gets selected and is well placed cuz it studied in a better college and had a better 12 percentage, damn system. How much role skill plays comes into light when you jump at the real market. And they say we don't have our own Taran King, rms, Knight Lightning, Flake, Krahmer and Jon Lech. Let me start with the dishonor I brought to my dad as I was not "bright enough" to score good in the subjects everybody excelled. Not that I wasn't bright enough, I was not fucking interested, period. Let me talk about having Singla, Prabhat and my comp teacher as being my only friends at that moment when my family itself turned my back on me cuz I never scored accordingly.. well..why don't I talk about the subjects I was pretty good at? Programming? English? Anything that was practical? Nopes.. I am talking about the whole fucking society treating me as an asshole as I was not good in competitive subjects. I cursed the God why the hell i was born in a country where the student cant choose the career himself and has to rely on unimportant factors that will crush any genuine moral left in him ? I literally swooned at the tech the US/German/Spanish hackers were playing with, the real masters of the security game, and I cried I might never be as good as them as they had the advantage of choosing their own destiny not to rely on fucking AIEEE for your interests and money making rat race. I didn't wanted to study PCM, okay, Physics is okay, but CM is not a choice for me. Prabhat liked it, now he is a genuine scientist and I appreciate that, but I like hardcore security and I don't see anything where a fucking Ethyl 2-methylbenzoate or integral calculus played any role in that unless i went postal into crypto algorithms (which at a later phase of my life , I did)  and biotech .

Alas...I never knew what went wrong.

What was my crime fuckers? Being able to digitally pwn Ur ass in circa 07?

That were the days i got a sudden revelation of some sort..screw the system.. I went into isolation. I vowed that I might be the underdog of the fucking Indian education system, but I am glad whatever I am doing, I am good at it and happy to do it with satisfaction. I wont let anything I faced to my next generation. They would have the right to be the best since their inception at their own choice and they will be the best in the field of their choice, be it soccer, rocket science, i don't care, but they will be happy. And God help you if they choose to be the hackers, you know it better.



  1. Yeah ! You are absolutely right. Current Indian education system does not allows anyone to choose his career according to his choice. But, like you, I too have decided to be a hacker and I know I will be someday. I am still a newbie and willing to learn more........
    I hope you will help the people like us.

  2. yes boss .. the education system still sucks yar .. u know what .. i am a CS engineering student now in 2nd yr .. and one of my subjects is "Basic Environmental Engineering & Elementary Biology " .. imagine???

  3. fuck the damn fucking hackers and a sal fuck the mothers of then


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