Bypass squid ? Any ideas ?

Hi folks..
I am in a fix nowadays, I m inside a secure network which is protected by squid on port 8080 & blocks all the generic ports by default like ftp one. Since I have created a program which uses ftp (a covert program actually) it wont work on the scenario when you are behind an Intranet protected by squid nat-ted by routers (Maipu/cisco plus I am dead sure the firewall is a stateful one) .
Any ideas ? Also, I cant use a static IP program / VPN tunnels as they wont work. Cant launch a mass scale cdp based attack on the network as its an official one. Any ideas on fooling squid ?

Comments are welcome, details will be provided on program & network on request

Plus, don't expect me to reverse engineer the source code & create a custom exploit, don't have much time, don't have that patience. I might do as well, only if I am convinced that there is no other way. In the mean time, I am here for your valuable suggestions & ideas.

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  1. It is close to impossible to detect the encryption used by OpenSSH.
    You need a friend outside the NAT, somewhere else out of your campus who will run an OpenSSH server at his comp for you, listening on port #443

    And you can tunnel through his pc using putty or something similar.


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