Pro Hack Version 3.0 Changes – Mobile version released

Before I start posting in full, I would like to enumerate Prohack ver3.0 changes, so that you get familiar with the site. Prohack changes - Trust me, you will agree that Prohack is better than ever as of now & it will continue to improve. I have experimented with wordpress, It was nice, but I will hold on till I get a superb hosting & a template that completes my set of requirements. Hence forth, the major changes are -

  • Mobile version – Yep, a brand new mobile version of website is live at

You can access the mobile version by clicking on the top bar link too

Prohack Mobile Version -


  • Brand new theme – The most obvious change is the theme of Prohack, its minimalistic & other elements will enhance its looks. Bare me with me :)


  • More streamlined interface – The interface has been stripped down to bare minimum with navigation streamlined to maximum extent. I got a lot of feedback (100+ mails) regarding the look of website & implemented the most sought out changes here.


  • Faster loading time – Now thats a real gem. the loading time has been decreased by more than 55% to 4.38 seconds as compared to staggering 11 seconds earlier. See the stats for Prohack & Mobile version courtesy of GTmetrix , click here to see the actual stats in realtime . Also, better Yslow & Pagespeed scores have been attained, as compare to older version which scored way below in both these parameters.




  • Advertising rates shed down – The name says it all, go to advertising section for more details.


  • Pagerank 4 Once again :) It was a real charm to have a Pagerank 4 from 3 :)


  • Less advertisements - Or you can say less advertisements that come into your way while you are surfing :)


  • Brand new propaganda – Its what I leave upto You to decide. However I will be having a tactical shift to more tech oriented articles with practical guides.


Plus, small changes have been implemented at the website, which you will experience in your stay.


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Feedback..the most important part of the whole change, please drop an email to me at




- Rishabh Dangwal


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  1. Bahut acha hai naya look
    thanks for launching the mobile version !!


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