Paypal closes its doors to India – Alertpay, the second choice…

Paypal dropped bomb on the Indian online entrepreneurs who use their servies for online transactions.Paypal Terrified :( A run through  Paypal's official announcement sates that starting this march 1st, you will not be able to receive payments that exceed $500 per transaction. Also, you won’t be able to keep any money in your PayPal account,all the money shall be transferred to your Indian bank account within 7 days.Rubbing salt to the injury, the final blow comes as you will not be able to purchase goods using your Paypal account. You can read the official story here Paypal closes its doors to India – Alertpay, the second choice…

If you want to transfer money, then you need to transfer your money from your credit card to the paypal account. Guess they have gone nuts as pissing of a whole subcontinent of customers is not a very good idea. I already packed my stuff to move on to Alertpay, its convenient & it gives me money too :) You too can earn money using it. 

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Why Alertpay ?

  • Its convenient than Paypal.
  • If you have a Paypal account already (like me), nothing is lost in getting an Alertpay one :)
  • I cant trust Paypal anymore.. neither you should.
  • More flexible..

A gentle advice :  Move on to Alertpay before Paypal backstabs you.. click here to join Alertpay..



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