Packet-O-Matic – An Open Source Realtime Packet Processor

Packet-o-matic is a modular real time packet processor under the GPL license. It reads the packet from an input module, match the packet using rules and connection tracking information and then send it to a target module. The modular nature of packet-o-matic allows it to work for any protocol as long as its corresponding module is found. The built in management console allows you to telnet in packet-o-matic and change the configuration in real time. Main features of Packet-o-matic are :

  • connection tracking currently for ipv4, ipv6, tcp, udp, rtp
  • ip reassembly, tcp reordering
  • match the complete protocols encapsulation i.e. "ethernet->ipv6->ipv4->udp->rtp"
  • process all the packets in real time to provide the desired output

What it can do ?

  • save all the VoIP calls going on an interface in separate files in real time
  • reinject packets destined to a specific ip and port on another interface or save them in a file
  • dump each file of all the http connections in separate files on the disk
  • show the important info and an hexadecimal dump of each packet while doing the above three at the same time
  • lots of other stuff which would be too long to list here

Operating System Supported : Linux

Download Packet-o-matic

Visit Official Website


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