5 more sites for Security Basics

last time I blogged about 5 sites for Budding Hackers & followed up with  5 more sites for budding hackers... but as the user queries flood my inbox for more, I decided to dig a bit more & publish some of the more prominent sites I visit in my free time. The following blogs are prominient & hot favorites for security essentials & are full of resources which will enhance your skill set. A must visit list -

watch-learn-contribute..A site packed with lots of security related videos,resources & up to date news.

Offensive Security
Need I say more ? The creators of the reknowned security distro Backtrack maintain one of the best happening forums on security. The link above relates to backtrack tutorials & forums, explore & learn..as always,the quieter you become, the better you are able to hear.

Like Wargames ? Smash the stack is your portal for the ultimate wargames which will escalate your level from nothing to something..pay attention,play well & learn.

One of my favorite security podcasts,the website provides insightful papers,presentations & discusses on hot security topics.

Tuts 4 You
Reverse engineering anyone ? Tuts4You is a community for researchers and reverse engineers interested in the field of Reverse Code Engineering (RCE). Great tuts..Great resources..

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