Teenager avoids Jail after bringing Playstation site down

Sony banned him for cheating at SOCOM NAVY SEALS, and he took the Playstation portal down. Sounds simple huh ?Sony Playstation website down - theprohack.com That happened in Pennsylvania, when a 17 year old teenage hacker was infuriated over the fact he was banned after cheating. It was found that in his routine life he was a normal kid, well participating in co-curricular activities. The whole story goes around the sentiments of vengeance against banning and the obsession to win the game. The unnamed hacker using his tools, blocked 3 games which caused the website to go offline.
SOCOM NAVY SEALS - theprohack.com
Sony corp. asked for a huge 33,200$ as compensation but the Judge keeping in light that the kid admitted personal liability in the hack , and considering he was a teenager, fined him much less.Later he was penalized with 5000$ , 12 months of probation and 250 hours of community service.
Lessons learnt ?
  • Be a teenager to hack :P Juvis rock !
  • Even if you are fined, you have a great future ahead, some software giant will hire you.
  • Even if hacking biggies sounds dangerous, it makes up for a good adrenaline rush and inspire the hacker within the lesser mortals.

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