Windows 7 SP1 leaked in the wild

It has been confirmed that a beta copy of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has been leaked on some  Windows 7 SP1 leakedTorrent sites. Folks at Redmond have yet to confirm a release date for Windows 7 SP1,despite that , a pre-release copy of the minor updates package appears to be unofficially available for download online.

As The Register asked Microsoft that if it could comment on the apparent leak of the Windows 7 SP1 beta (build 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053), but Microsoft has still been unavailable to comment.This march,Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc commented in a blog post that Windows 7 will be receiving a service pack containing minor security updates and feature tweaks. However, no release date was stated with the post.

Windows 7 SP1 Beta leaked

last month as Microsoft revealed a more details about Windows 7 Service Pack 1, confirming it would involve a small-fry update to the operating system. As expected there aren't any significant changes in SP1, the biggest is the added RemoteFX functionality when paired with Windows Server. The but the install process is much faster than it was for service packs on Windows Vista. Microsoft as a company sticks to a pretty tight frame when it comes to operating updates and patches,based on this,we can fairly assume that Windows 7 SP1 will not be released until late 2010 at the very earliest.

PS: Dont download the beta from torrent sites, it might be rigged with trojans or custom code by potential virus writes. Wait for the original release.

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