The Next Big Thing - Bungie Activision join Forces

Halo is one of my  favorite games and I still duke with my friends in weekend LAN mayhem, the same can be said about Bungie - locked and loaded :) - COD4:MW & MW2 when it comes to gaming . It became bigger this Wednesday when Bungie, the celebrated Halo developer entered into a 10 year “alliance” with gaming biggie Activision, and now the next-big-post-Halo-Bungie-game will be a multiplatform title. As Thomas Tippl, Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard commented -
"Today we are very proud to announce a ground breaking ten year partnership between Bungie, one of the greatest developers in the world and the makers of Halo, with Activision, the number one video game publisher, who will bring the new intellectual property to fans worldwide across all platforms"
In short, the equation goes like this -
The new equation of gaming -
The deal took over an year to finally come to a mutual point of interest, and personally, I can see some real Bungie stuff of Oni quality to be developed outside halo universe.
Meanwhile Bungie is currently preparing itself for Halo: Reach for Xbox 360,self dubbed as the "most ambitious game" it has ever made. Mean while you can enjoy the Halo Reach trailer :)

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