5 More sites for budding hackers

Last time I wrote about 5 sites for budding hackers and shared websites which I visit regularly for knowledge and  5 More sites for budding hackersqueries.This time I m expanding it by sharing 5 more sites which in general are the best place to hangout and devote time if you are a budding hacker. Remember,as I repeat my words, NOBODY can make you a hacker, its your passion that makes you one. But for starters,here are some really good websites to have a look into.

Securityfocussince its advent in 1999,securityfocus has focused on high quality original technical papers and original content.SecurityFocus was formed with the idea that community needed a place to come together and share its collected wisdom and  knowledge.The bugtraq here is of high volume and consists of full disclosure mailing list for detailed discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities.

PacketstormsecurityPacket Storm is a a non-profit organization comprised of security professionals that are dedicated to providing the information necessary to secure networks on a global scale.It offers an abundant resource of up-to-date and historical security tools, exploits, and advisories.

Proclaimed as the Security News Site For Systems Administrators & Hackers,Rootsecure provides comprehensive hand picked links to the new security related news articles every day, along with a daily mailing list bringing the latest security news direct to your inbox every morning.

Adrian Crenshaw's information security site which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools.

Sited as one of the top 5 security blogs,its always updated with latest news in information security. It offers latest tools of trade,updates to security tools and comments on various security topics which are not mainstream otherwise. A great site to learn and bookmark.

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