Winners at NIT KU

Hi Folks,as I already told you that I was taking part in Loophole Event at NIT KU at their technical fest Literati 2010, I NIT Kurukshetra was awarded the first prize at the event. Actually,Loophole was a 16 hours workshop on computer security conducted by Kyrion technologies and NIT KU and in between they held a software cracking event. The challenge was to make Winrar 3.80 a full version from an evaluation version (which I will be covering soon asap at my blog ). I was able to crack it and was announced as the winner of the event :) ( I will be throwing a big party at my room ). However I will be taking part in Cyberbytes event,the crossword puzzle and the web trivia event too. You guys can catch me there on 29 Jan 2010 for attending my presentation on Computer Security.
In the mean time you can enjoy some pics at NIT :P
NIT KU - The Institute of National Importance
NIT KU – Institute of National Importance
Me at their Civil Engineering Lab
Me at their Civil Engineering Lab
The Workshop
The Workshop at Jubilee Hall
One of Hacks in progress
One of Hacks in progress
Waking (and waiting) up late at night :P
Waking (and waiting) up late at night :P
The Fountains at the bridge of knowledge
The Fountains at the Bridge of Knowledge

See you folks soon…

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  1. Wo Civil Engg. lab nhi hai.. concrete technology ki lab hai... :)


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