Finally I got my PC back

Its been quite long since I was doing my daily rituals of checking emails to reading technology blogs on my roommate’s laptop – a Compaq Presario V3000 . As soon as my exams were over,I hunted markets for an ideal cheap and best combo for a motherboard and processor,as my old mobo-processor died in November. Finally one dedicated blog reader Arun Mishra suggested me G41 with Intel Dual core E5300 for my paltry budget of 6000/- INR and it hit the spot with me buying Asrock G41M-VS2 and Intel E5300 2.6 Ghz and feeding it with 2 GB ddr2 ram. Now my rig is alive and kicking and I had one

Intel E5300Asrock G41M-VS2
full day devoted to playing MGS2:Sons of Liberty and RE4 on it.The Board supports Pixel Shader 4.0 and will run most of modern gen games,although it WILL suffer from ultra low frame rates but that's okay with me as it allows me a bit of future proofing as I live in India where dual core is still the way to go according to computer vendors here (core 2 duo,quad are a distant possibility in next 2 years in lower budget segments..seriously). Furthermore I just need to try my tools,exploits and blog from this pc so high performance is not a major factor here.
In all..I m back (i m feeling like a cliche’) on my technoblogging. Also,I will be attending Literati 2010 at NIT-KU and you guys can meet me there :)
Stay gold

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