Twitter Phishing at its best

Botnets..Ddos..and Now Phishing..

Yup,everybody’s favorite microblogging service Twitter is now under a phishing attack.Recently,Twitter has been Twitter Phishing at its bestnotoriously attacked by malicious hackers worldwide,It was uncovered recently that it was being used as a Botnet Control Channel, shortly before that it was subjected to a DoS attack. Phishers are now targeting Twitter users in a new attack which involves sending direct messages to Twitter users which contain a link to a site requesting usernames and passwords.

As usual..once the attackers have that, they can take over the account of the victim and use it to send out more messages. However..I’m not exactly sure why the hell anyone would want to steal Twitter accounts?

Possibilities -

  • To monetize them by sending tweets using those accounts in order to spam and spam some more about referrals and affiliate schemes.
  • Perhaps in future tweeting a link to a virus site which might lead to outbreak of a new virus like Conficker.
  • Just for fun’s sake..duh

The cornerstones of social engineering in phishing attacks after all humans are the weakest link in the chain of security.

If you are using Twitter you should follow @spam and keep up to date with what is happening on the network.


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