At the heart of India

HI guys..sorry for a late update..If you have been following me,I blogged that I will be pursuing CISE from Delhi..and Now I m actually doing it.I reached here last week,and the whole Delhi Experience is wholesome and quite rejuvenating.Delhi is truly a great place to live,the people here are very helpful,the Metro and Bus service are crowded but very punctual and overall,Delhi is a shopper’s paradise.My classes are going well,and I will be a Certified Information Security Expert by the end of July.As for the blog,I m having Internet difficulties nowadays and I m very sorry for less updates.Trust me,times will get better and I will continue to post great articles as soon as I get time.

Lotus Temple Delhi Delhi Metro Rockz

Anyways..thanks for supporting me up,You guys rock !!!


[PS: I have not been able to reply to a lot of mail recently and I m sincerely sorry for that]




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