Going Retro hard with Contra Hard Corps

This weekend I got high with retro with my fellow gamers,and played arcade and old console games on various One hell of a legendary series..emulators and consoles.When asked which game I enjoy the most on my old Sega Genesis,I come up with 3 names – Contra:The Hard Corps,Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3,Street Fighter 2 Dash. However,the best game that I can play anytime,any number of time without getting bored is the one and only Contra:The Hard Corps. If you have not played this gem,then You gotta play it,and yup I m serious.
The Hard Contra ?
Yep,the premise is set after the Contra 3: The alien wars,which is the best Contra Konami offered on Super Nintendo,and is considered to be the hardest Contra till date.After the original makers of Alien wars split out ,Konami came up with the idea of making the Ultimate contra ever made,and they got it right (for me,for every diehard gamer out there).Explosions everywhere,bullets mashing robots..its ContraYou are continuously sprayed by bullets,encounter multiple stage bosses which you have to beat with a different strategy each time you encounter,gigantic effects,freakier looking explosions and a continuous run and gun gameplay,this is the best kickass contra made for any console till date !
In short you gotta play It !!!
Sega Does What …(get the idea)
Contra hard Corps is the ultimate contra ever made (I think I m getting kind of of repetitive),when it was released,it showed off the best graphics ever ,the complex programming,exclusive power ups,the facility of holding 4 type of guns,4 distinct players to choose from,totally arcade experience and multiple endings…just name me one game which holds every bit of all these features and is made in that era,and its quite hard to begin with.4 distinct players to choose,different powerups and strategies...Its one hell of a mashups :) Hard Corps pushed Genesis to its limits and made it do things which one can never imagine and made geeks like me to drool. Trust me,if you are one of those guys who want the ultimate test of your gaming skills in retro gaming,go get it and play it,either on emulator or on your Genesis..You will be thanking me sooner :P
In short you gotta play it !!!
The Sound Factor
Shall I talk about soundtrack ? On the sleek looking genesis,which delivered the best looking graphics of its generation,was infamous for its sound which was nothing compared to what Super Nintendo delivered.Ah..16 Bit greatness in its full glory... Contra proved everybody wrong by delivering a badass electronic-rock n roll soundtrack which even today makes its way into my playlists.I especially love the Ending theme,Format X and Moonlit Army tracks of the game.Exquisite sound design compliments an already great game an immortal one.
In short you gotta play it !!!
Last Words
Well..until now you have an idea of what I will be mentioning here..Contra Hard Corps is the Best genesis game ever for me and is the ultimate contra ever made.
You can download it from here
In short you gotta play it !!! :P



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  1. Out of all due respects... i am 100% with this guy... Contra: Hard Corps is by far the best Contra ever made... wether it be factual or a mere opinion... i still love the ever-lasting challenge of this game and to this day... i have never beaten the whole game... but when i do... it will be quite pleasurable to to know that i have... and on the SEGA GENESIS THAT I STILL HAVE FUNCTIONING!!! man... now thats whats up...


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