Get Vista Address bar in XP

Some of us just cant get enough of XP,yep I am a Vista hater,but recently a question from Mark Levy who emailed me Modding XP to Vista ? Backward Evolution I guess...about manually getting all the programs to mod XP into Vista for the sake of fun and geekdom (Quite provoking and  comprehensive email..thanks Mark).I thought for a while decided to give it a go. I really liked the breadcrumbs system in Vista address bar and wanted to add it in XP among some other tweaks.I found a great program using which you can get Vista Breadcrumb’s address bar in Windows XP.

This application should be really helpful for those of you that aren't ready to switch to Windows Vista yet, but want to get some of the new features.Vista has its share of good features..Ah..The Breadcrumbs
What you need -
  1. Windows XP with .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
  2. QT AddressBar
  3. Free time :P
After downloading QTAddressBar,install it by unzipping the files into the location you'd like to keep them, and then double-click on the QTAddressBar.exe file.
The Magic app
As application launches,Select the Install option, and then click the Next button to register the component with Windows.
Install the application
The program may ask you to restart your system or to Log off and then login again. Here is a neat trick. Go to task manager,and restart explorer.exe by ending it first and then running it again by selecting File \ New Task option once you kill the process.This will save you from Lo on-Log Off and restart headaches.Actually it just refreshes the explorer shell to check and apply new components.
Once you have restarted the explorer,you can now right-click on the toolbars area and do these two actions:
  1. Deselect Address Bar
  2. Select QT Breadcrumbs Address Bar
Right Click on toolbars and select QR Breadcrumbs Address Bar
And voila..You'll have an incredibly similar breadcrumbs implementation for Windows XP. Congrats you have applied the breadcrumbs clone in your Windows XP.
Enjoy Vista Breadcrumbs in full glory in XP :P

Cheers and Keep learning



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