Detect Invisible Users on Instant Messengers

Hi friends,I m one of those guys who always sign in as invisible in my IM’s because if I set my status to “Online” or  Detect Invisible Users on IM'savailable, at least 6 (unwanted) chat windows will open and pest me up. However recently one good friend of mine tracked my status (both on Gmail and Yahoo),slightly baffled I asked him how he did that,and here I m sharing with you how he tracked my status on both IM’s. You can use the given methods to find your friends who try to hide from us,the lesser mortals.
Yahoo Messenger is a bit cryptic when it comes to tracking users,so we can track their status by these 2 methods -
  1. Yahoo Invisibility Detection sites
  2. Using Yahoo’s URL Resources
Yahoo Invisibility Detection Sites
I’ve found many sites which helps you to see which of your buddies are hiding online,some of these sites are: Trace your invisible friends on yahoo Messenger
These site are very easy to use and self explain themselves. Just enter the ID you want to trace and get the status.
Yahoo URL Resources
Here are a bunch of URLs that can be used to detect invisible users, just replace “[username]” with the username you want to detect :[username]&m=g&t=0
(Shows up a yellow smiley if the person is online and gray if the person is offline or invisible)[username]&m=g&t=1
(Shows up a button with “Online Now” or “Not Online”)[username]&m=g&t=2
(Shows an image with “I am Online send me a message” or “Not Online right now”)[username]&m=a&t=0
(Shows a text with “[username] is ONLINE or NOT ONLINE”)[username]&m=a&t=1
(Shows “00” if person is offline and “01” if he is online)
remember,You have to replace the text in RED color in the given URL with the Yahoo ID you want to detect,
for eg - my YahooID is “iamrdx” ,the first URL is :[username]&m=g&t=0
After the replacement it would appear as :

Tracing Gtalk users is rather easy,you only have to use the following method -Trace Invisible Users on Gtalk
  1. Login to Gtalk using your Google id.
  2. Go to IM window of user you want to trace for invisible.
  3. You will see a drop-down list on right top side,click on it.
  4. Click on "go off the record".
  5. Now give any message.
  6. If the " is offline and can't receive messages right now" message appears in red color it means your friend is really offline.
  7. If no message comes means your friend is online and invisible for all.

Good Luck :)



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  3. i dont know.. but i would also like to store the chats i have on gtalk to friends which doesn't happen when u go off the record.. we need a detection site like the one with yahoo

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    They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

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