King of Fighters 12 – Brought to you by India,to the world

Yes!!..Its true..The king of fighters 12 is being brought to the world by Ignition Entertainment, a subsidiary of UTV INDIA.Its the first time in the history of Indian Gaming that a homebrew conglomerate is launching a global game to the world. Although,early titles like Operation Surma (a Metal Gear-ish/Splinter Cell sequel to Mission Impossible –The game) was partly developed by Indian developers yet,was released by gaming veteran Atari.King of Fighters – Brought to you by India,to the world
As diehard gamers know,King of Fighters is a 2D sprite based fighting game which have been a a title of choice for fighting fans for over a decade. The series has defined SNK’s image and it characters are some of the most widely recognized characters in the business.
As for Ignition Entertainment,its is a video game publisher formed in April 2002 which was created from a selection of smaller developers and publishers.The company also publishes SNK's full lineup in Europe which includes the Metal Slug series,Samurai Shodown series as well as the King of Fighters series. Coming into 2005 the company has many games on the horizon, including Mercury, The King of Fighters Neowave and Pool Paradise International.However in mid 2007, the company announced the completion of their acquisition by Indian media conglomerate UTV Software Communications,which has been responsible for successful bollywood flicks and daily soaps :P .
You can watch the US debut video of KOF12 -
I will keep my fingers crossed for this high profile gaming title :)


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