Microsoft renames and upgrades its Phone OS - Windows Phones

Microsoft announced the latest revision of Microsoft's OS for handsets at Mobile World Congress today and Steve Ballmer Windows Mobile 6.5 now touch optimised & refurnished. -  rdhacker.blogspot.comsaid that to not to call them Windows Mobile phones anymore,henceforth, the devices will be known as Windows Phones.

Windows Phones,an OS which which has over the years been known as Windows CE and Pocket PC and the most latest as Windows mobile phone has been re-branded quite frequently by Microsoft."It's a mouthful to say, 'You want a Windows Mobile phone?'" Ballmer said when asked about the decision to once again re-brand the OS. 

Ballmer's announced about the Windows Mobile 6.5, a refurnished handset OS with touch-optimized user interface; My Phone, an online backup and sync service for Windows phones, and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store. 

My Phone and the Windows Marketplace will be accessible to Windows phones running Windows Mobile 6.5.Previous My Phone, an online backup and sync service. - rdhacker.blogspot.comWindows Mobile 6.1 devices will be supported via download at the discretion of vendor.These exclude devices running previous OS,Ballmer said.

Windows Mobile 6.5, sports an improved, more desktop-like browser, will make its debut later this year on handsets including the HTC Touch Diamond2 and the LG-GM730;both announced on  Monday.however, both HTC and LG have made changes to the OS which they believe will make the UI more user friendly. With the new UI, Microsoft hopes to get more vendors on board without significant changes.




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