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JAP JonDo is a free, open-source and highly portable (Java-based) client software for accessing the JonDonym JAP JonDo - one of the best proxy softwareservices.In  short,its an excellent piece of proxy software which can help you bypass most of firewalls and I have successfully tested it against the SONICWALL and surfed orkut and other banned website at my institute.Jap jondo is easy to install and easy to use. Its fast,uses very less cpu resources and barely slows down your internet speed and works like a treat.Further No registry settings have to be changed, and administration rights are not needed, neither for installation, nor for running the program. The software is open source and free for use.


JAP JonDo - one of the best proxy software - rdhacker.blogspot.com

JAP Anon Proxy provides the functionality to surf the web without being observed. This means that neither the requested server nor any observer on the Internet can know which user has viewed which web page. Since many users make use of the anon service at the same time, the internet connections of each user are hidden among those of all the other users. Every user could have been responsible for any connection. Nobody, no outstanding person, no other user, not even the operator of the AN.ON service can determine which internet connections were requested by a certain user.In short,its a must have proxy software.

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment


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  1. Is it possible to run JonDo when the network requires a supplicant such as Ruijie, which requires IEEE 802.1X authorization. I'm currently in China and Freegate has been blocked successfully.


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