Hotmail Updated – Wave 3 updates

The Hotmail team has finally announced the start of the roll out process for all users worldwide to the latest Wave 3 hotmail becomes hot with wave 3 update of Hotmail and People. Hotmail has been quite behind in features as compared to Gmail and yahoo mail.With Email service providers budding like mushrooms and offering loads of features,the developers at Redmond have unleashed the wave 3 to soften up the competition a bit.Here is the  summary of all the new features coming in this update:
  • More storage in Hotmail. Starts with 5 GB, continues to grow,just like Gmail :)
  • More themes in including some that change based on time of day or weather.
  • The Pesky Top Banner ad has been moved to side of page..whew.
  • Addition of  maps, directions, movie times and more to e-mail messages has been introduced with Wave 3 . Makes it easy for you to plan a vacation easily . (UK and US-only, for the moment)
Now add maps,directions, movie times and more to e-mail in hotmail
  • See “what’s new” updates from people in your network on Hotmail’s Today page.
See “what’s new” updates from people in your network
  • POP3 access has been made available to Hotmail users in the US and Brazil, in addition to UK, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.
  • Create e-mail signatures in HTML . let your creativity fly..
  • A more organized People page.
A more Re-organized people page
Have you got updated with Hotmail Wave 3 ? Leave me a note.



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